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General Public Contact form. Manufacturers please follow this link to contact us

General Public Please use the contact from below

We do not sell directly to the public however; we do offer a contact form for the public to refer Luxury Yacht Products LLC™ company to your yacht, motor coach or house boat manufacturer or refurbishing company. At this time we are unable to provide the general public more details on our products, samples and pricing without providing the contact details for the manufacturer or refurbishing company you are working with.

Luxury Yacht Products LLC™
668 Stony Hill Road, Suite 248
Yardley, PA. 19067

Scott A. Mavis, Principal
Direct Line: 215-378-4887
Business hours are Monday though Friday 9am to 4pm EST.

General Public Contact Form
New or Custom Water Craft or RV
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I am interested in the following Light Weight products.
Grantie / Stone Tile
Granite / Stone Countertops
Granite / Stone Vanities
Back Lit Stone Countertops / walls
Low Voltage, Flat Pannel lighting applications
Woven Flooring
Light Weight Custom Interior Design
Luxury Yacht products has permission to contact my manufacturer
Luxury Yacht products is not able to provide the General Public
with Samples, pricing or further information at this time. All
information must got through your manufacturer or refurbishing
company. We will contact you during the time period you specified
above to obtain the name of the company you will be conducting
business with at that time.