Light Weight Flat Panel Lighting:

Imagine ... a light bulb that can curve, bend and illuminate without limits... Imagine… a light bulb that can be customized to any shape, area, or decor.  Imagine … a light bulb that is light weight weighing only 4 ounces per square foot … that mounts flush to any surface at 1/8 of an inch in height…. and saves 51.4% in energy costs.

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Light Weight Flat Panel Lighting Saves 51.4% in energy costs

Flat Panel Lighting products is low voltage lighting which is light weight (4oz. per sq. ft.), environmentally friendly,  energy saving lighting panels designed to replace traditional and power-consuming florescent and incandescent lighting in yachts, houseboats and motor coaches. Typically you can expect to save 51.4% on energy as compared to florescent lighting as well as 1/10th of the weight using flat panel lighting.


Pictured Left is an Illuminated roll of Flat Panel Lighting



Flat Panel lighting is versatile and can be cut, shaped, curved or molded to fit any application you may have in mind.

    Go Green Why use Flat Panel Lighting?

  • Low Voltage lighting you can read by
  • Cut, Bend or Mold panels
  • Mounts flat or mold to applications
  • Light Weight: 4 oz. per square foot
  • Vibration Resistant, nothing to break
  • Save 51.4% in energy usage and cost over florescent lighting
  • Dimmer control friendly
  • No hazardous materials involved
  • Flat Panel Lighting Dimensions
    • 1/8” height, 30” Width, 300’ Length
  • Environmentally Friendly utilizing Phosphorescence technology
  • Buy what you need, contact us for minimums

Flat Panel Lighting Light Weight Specifications

Flat Panel Lighting specifications include formulas for cutting out shapes which are not included with this material. As you can see by the chart below there are many advantages to using flat panel lighting over traditional lighting for yachts, houseboats and motor coaches.

Flat Panel Lighting Comparison to Florescent Lighting
Comparison Chart
2' X 2' Lighting Fixtures
Florescent Fixtures Flat Panel Lighting
(3) F40/Biax T5
(2) 40W T5
Flat Panel Lighting
Up-to 30" W X 300' L
Lumens 6,806 3,683 5,400
Wattage 148 Watts 108 Watts 72 Watts
Life Span 10,000 Hours 10,000 Hours 50,000 Hours
Mounting Height 4" to 5" 4" to 5" 1/8"
Energy Savings None None 51.40%
Uniform Lighting No No Yes
Dimmer Control No No Yes
Vibration Proof No No Yes
Shatter Resistant No No Yes
Bend, Shape or Cut No No Yes - Highly Flexible
Light Weight 5 to 8 lbs 5 to 8 lbs. 4 oz. per sq. ft.
Co2 Emissions Yes Yes None
Heat Emissions Yes Yes None
Mercury (HG) Yes Yes None
Ultra Violet Radiation Yes Yes None


Suggested Applications for Flat Panel Lighting

Suggested Lighting Applications

  • Cove Lighting/Column Lighting
  • Under Cabinet lighting for Galleys & Heads
  • Interior Cabinet Lighting
  • Change color from White by application of colored film
  • Your Imagination is the only restriction
  • Under Lit/Back Lit Applications
  • Provides an elegant soft glow or night light
  • Illuminate translucent Stone/ translucent objects
  • Vanity Sink back lit Lighting
  • Vanity Top back lit Lighting
  • Counter top back lit Lighting
  • Back lit floor tiles
  • Back lit Stair Trends
  • Back lit Hallway guides
  • Back lit Corporate Logos, Monograms, Maps
  • Back lit exteriors


Translucent stone back lit with flat panel lighting and adhered to the exterior of a motor coach.

Light Weight Back Lit Stone and translucent materials

Shown are images of back lit stone using Onyx which is available in numerous colors. Other suitable translucent materials may be used to achieve the same elegant, soft glow effect.

We use the same technology used to manufacture our granite counter tops to provide light weight, highly durable back lit onyx countertops. Countertops are manufactured to specification using one piece construction. The flat panel lighting is applied between the honeycomb and the stone then glued together to provide a beautiful glow to countertops, vanity's, bar tops and exteriors. There is no heat generated from Flat Panel Lighting, and nothing to shatter or break.

The lighting may be turned off by connecting it to a light switch or dimmer control to modify the brightness of the lighting.

Flat panel lighting may also be cut and shaped and then adhered to the bottom of glass sinks below the counter line to give the sink a soft glow to set the mood or eliminate night lights.

Flat Panel Lighting Template.