Light Weight Granite Tile:

Light Weight Granite Tile and Stone is 7 times lighter while its impact resistance is 3 to 5 time greater than a traditional granite instillation. While the granite tile is designed to enhance the luxury of interior spaces while saving fuel and energy costs without sacrificing the beauty and durability of a custom interior.

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Ultra-lite Granite Tile is 7 times lighter than traditional Granite

Prized for durability and beauty, granite is a popular material for floor tile, countertops, vanities, walls and tables. Granite is an indigenous rock made up of feldspar and quartz, and can be cut and polished to create a non-porous and chemical resistant surface. Light weight Granite tile is shown in our site as the primary stone due to its durability. We are also able to provide light weight marble, limestone and onyx using the same light weight honeycomb construction should you desire any of those particular applications.

Light weight Granite can be curved using our high heat process.


While one color of light weight granite tile is ideal for heads and small spaces it is also versatile. Some other ideas include mixing colors and different patterns such as diamond patterns, herringbone and basket weave to mention a few different styles. Finishes may also vary from highly polished to a flat finish. Shown are two examples of different styles of granite in different patterns and finishes. The kitchen picture has a highly polished granite countertop with a flat finished granite back splash in a diamond pattern.


Light Weight Granite & Stone Tile Specifications

The aluminum honeycomb construction provides a solid backing and when combined with the beauty of natural stone become a strong and flexible building material. Granite tiles may also be curved as a solid form using a high heat process. These granite tiles are not fragile and brittle. Granite tiles are easily installed and can be easily cut using a diamond saw.

Micro thin granite tiles add less than 1/7th of the normal weight of normal stone, but its impact resistance is 3 to 5 times greater.

Light weight granite tiles maybe cut in a size to suit your design needs for yachts, motor homes and houseboats. Tiles are manufactured with layers of 1/8" of stone and 1/4" of Honeycomb for an Overall Thickness of 3/8".

The image on the Left shows the construction of a granite tile while the image on the Right shows the strength of a light weight granite tile with two people sanding on it showing its flexibility properties.

The most popular Granite Colors for 2010

Granite color names are standardized by country and region. Please refer to the name of the granite color name when referring to the color choice you maybe interested in obtaining further information on. While we have show the most popular granite tile colors of 2010 other stone color possibilities are limitless.