Light Weight Granite Countertops:

Light Weight Granite Countertops and Stone is 7 times lighter while its impact resistance is 3 to 5 time greater than a traditional granite instillation. While the granite countertops are designed to enhance the luxury of interior spaces while saving fuel and energy costs without sacrificing the beauty and durability of a custom interior.

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Ultra-lite Granite Countertops are 7 times lighter than traditional Granite

Prized for durability and beauty, granite is a popular material for countertops, vanities, walls and tables. Granite is an indigenous rock made up of feldspar and quartz, and can be cut and polished to create a non-porous and chemical resistant surface. Light weight Granite tile is shown in our site as the primary stone due to its durability. We are also able to provide light weight marble, limestone and onyx using the same light weight honeycomb construction should you desire any of those particular applications.

Light weight Granite Countertop construction side view shown. Granite countertops are 7 times lighter than traditional granite countertop instillation while the impact resistance is 3 to 5 times greater.


Edge treatments for Granite countertops come in a variety of styles.

Edge treatment selections include: demi bull nose, 1/4" bevel, flat polish, half bull nose, 1/2" bevel, waterfall, double radius, full bull nose and reverse special as shown in the picture to the left.







The example shown to the left shows the construction of countertops and dimensions. Unlike Granite tile, countertops are of solid, one piece construction built to your specifications by our manufacturing plant. Edge treatments are added using seamless construction. Granite countertops come in a wide vanity of colors only limited by your imagination.




Light Weight Granite & Stone Countertop Specifications

The aluminum honeycomb construction provides a solid backing and when combined with the beauty of natural stone become a strong and flexible building material. Granite countertops may also be curved as a solid form using a high heat process. These granite tiles are not fragile and brittle. Granite countertops are easily installed and maybe easily cut using a diamond saw.

Micro thin granite countertops add less than 1/7th of the normal weight of normal stone, but its impact resistance is 3 to 5 times greater.

Light weight granite countertops maybe cut in a size to suit your design needs for yachts, motor homes and houseboats. Granite or stone countertops are manufactured with layers of 1/8" of stone and 1/4" of Honeycomb for an Overall Thickness of 3/8". The edge treatments are solid granite or stone.

Granite Countertop Gallery

Granite color names are standardized by country and region. Shown are examples of a limited number of granite light weight countertops installed in yachts, houseboats and motor coaches. While other stones such as onyx, marble and limestone are available using the same light weight process granite is the most durable of these stones.

No matter if you're building a mega yacht or a racing sloop where space is at a premium we have the right granite galley countertop solution for you.

Click on the image to the left to see various granite galley countertop styles.

Other uses for granite countertops include custom cabinetry tops, dresser tops and dinning table tops.

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Light weight granite vanity countertops are available in many styles and colors. We are able to fabricate light weight counter tops for yachts, motor coaches and houseboats.

Luxury, custom built, motor coach bathroom. The shower walls are light weight granite tiles combined with a matching light weight granite countertop. The floor is light weight granite tile in a different accent color.

Motor Coach custom built bathroom. Click on the picture to see other possibilities.

Back Lit / Under Lit Stone Countertops

Utilizing the combined technologies of light weight honeycomb stone construction and flat panel lighting we are able to achieve a soft glow for countertops. Suggested uses include bathroom vanities, bar tops and mini bar countertops. Your imagination is the only limitation as to what you can achieve with a elegant soft glow to countertops.


We use the same technology used to manufacture our granite counter tops to provide light weight, highly durable back lit onyx countertops. Countertops are manufactured to specification using one piece construction. The flat panel lighting is applied between the honeycomb and the stone then glued together to provide a beautiful glow to countertops, vanity's, bar tops and exteriors. There is no heat generated from Flat Panel Lighting, and nothing to shatter or break.

The lighting may be turned off by connecting it to a light switch or dimmer control to modify the brightness of the lighting.


Flat panel lighting may also be cut and shaped and then adhered to the bottom of glass sinks below the counter line to give the sink a soft glow to set the mood or eliminate night lights.


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